Audi A8

$ 0
Top Speed
155.3 (mph)

Probably Audi’s most brilliant and most underrated car, the Audi A8 is a third generation D4 car based on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform. In the full-size luxury segment, it is the lightest, most economical and most fuel efficient sedan. Though it was first introduced on the 30th of November in Miami, large scale production began only in 2010 at Neckarsulm in Germany. Standing 57.5 inches tall and 76.7 inches wide, the 4-door sedan has an all-wheel drive system that splits to torque between the front and rear in a 4:6 ratio. The kerb weight of the car nears 2,100 kgs. While the base model is priced at £55,100, the top-end model with all accessories costs about £92,900. The car arrives as a natural successor to the Audi S8, D3.


Like in all the Audi sedans, the A8 arrives with multiple variants of the petrol and diesel engines. The base model petrol engine is the 2.0L I4 TFSI one while the best petrol engine available is the 6.3L W12 FSI. In a similar vein, the diesel extremes are the 3.0 L V6 TDI and the 4.2 L V8 TDI. The turbo-charged diesel engine with its 346 hp power is able to gallop to 100 km/h from standstill state under 6 seconds. The top speed has been electronically limited to 250 km/h. The petrol engine has a fuel stratified injection mode and is able to deliver a 0-100 km/h acceleration under 5.7 seconds thanks to the 366 hp power capacity. The transmission options are also awesome - either a 7-speed dual clutch S-tronic or the 8-speed Zf 8HP tiptronic automatic. Though the base-priced engines cost lesser, the high-end ones are the best bet for the most effective range, fuel economy and speed.


When it comes to creature comforts, the A8 simply seems to rule the roost. Being the cheapest car among equivalent cars from brands like BMW or Mercedes, the interiors of the A8 are far from being cheap! There is absolutely no noise in the roomy interiors characterized by lots of legroom, ample headroom and comfortable bucket seats. The aluminium-heavy construction ensures that the car drives smooth and steady without causing bumps to the passengers. Perched within the car is a multi-media interface(MMI) with a touchpad, an optional 1400 W Bang $ Olufsen sound system, GPS navigation, optical nigh-vision assistant, cruise control and electronic stability control. The MMI recognizes handwritten inputs while the WLAN-Hotspot offers broadband connectivity.


The Audi A8 has the looks and muscles of a powerful build. The typical open-jaw grille in the front is well complemented by the wide and stylish headlamps. The headlights are made up of LEDs just like the large red tail lamps. It is almost as big as a top-class limo and thus, the invisible parking sensors come very handy during operations. The roof slopes almost identically towards the back and front as strong lines define the shape of the sedan. The cool quotient of the car arises from the awe and respect it commands with its shape and size. A standard 118-inch wheelbase ensures stability and a feel of power. The car usually arrives in the darker shades - black and grey, though other options can be availed.