Audi r8
Audi r8 | $ 196,800
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Audi r8

Audi r8

Audi R8 is a two-seater mid engine sports car. The manufacturing task of this car is assigned to ‘quattro Gambh’, a fully owned private subsidiary of Audi. There are two primary variants of this car, and they are ‘coupe’ and ‘spyder’. This successful model from the house of Audi is in production from 2006 and it’s still up and running. The design work of this beautifully crafted car is the brainchild of designer, Walter de’Silva. Its construction work is based on the famous Audi Space Frame. The assembly line of R8 is situated at Audi plant based in Neckarsulm, Germany.


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R8 has an interior design, which according to some critics is aggressive yet elegant. In its dashboard you will find metallic gray design. The luminosity in the interior is easily adjustable. Mileage, fuel gauge, a digital clock, a non contract speedometer, battery power, temperature controls etc are some of the key components in the dashboard. A lot of carbon fiber is used in the interior to ensure strength and durability. It has a specially designed ‘R-tronic’ gear box. This automatic gear control also has a joystick for added controllability.


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The exterior design of R8 meets all the requirements of a high performance super car. It’s not only captivating to the eyes, but also successfully tackles the aerodynamic challenges at high speed. A key feature of the Spyder model is an automatic top opening. Roof top of this convertible model opens just in 19 seconds, with the push on a control button. In the rear it has extra wide exhaust tailpipes. In the rear it has an auto-adjusting spoiler, which automatically adjusts its angle depending on the speed of the car. LED lights are used in both the rear and front lamps. A perfectly crafted combination of curves and angles to its whole exterior, gives this car a stunning masculine touch.

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