Audi RS4
Audi RS4 | $ 48,780
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Audi RS4

Audi RS4

Audi is offering the RS4 only in the Avant form. The reasons they give is that the market for sports cars is moving away from the four-doors and lastly the RS4 has sufficient power to out run the Audi four-door segment. The design of the car is very unique both on the exterior and interior.


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The interior of this car matches the quality that is typical of Audi along with RS specific sportiness. The front passengers have sporty bucket seats in the Avant and saloon. Due to these high side sections, the car provides maximum support even on uneven roads or when driven fast. The materials inside the interiors comprise of carbon fibre, aluminium and leather. The flat bottomed steering wheel is covered with perforated leather. There is an oil temperature gauge that has been designed in the cockpit.


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Audi RS 4 has been designed not only to be functional but also prove great in terms of aesthetics. Its standard features includes an exhaust system that is twin chambered and has oval tailpipes and also a rear spoiler that are integrated with side panels inside the boot lid. It has exterior mirrors that are aerodynamically optimized RS designs in aluminium that adds bling. Even the 18 inch alloy wheels that are five spoke is newly designed. They even have an option of 19 inch wheel that are 7 spoke twin design.

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