Audi RS6 Plus
Audi RS6 Plus | $ 160,000
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Audi RS6 Plus

Audi RS6 Plus

The Audi RS 6 Plus is the top of the line performance vehicle manufactured by German car making giant Audi. The car is an elegant, four door, mid engine vehicle built for state of the art luxury as well as for high end performance. The RS 6 has even been used for rallying, so the performance of this vehicle can be trusted. The RS 6 Plus was available both as a sedan and a wagon.


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The interior of the Audi lives up to the hype and has a carbon fiber dash board with a steering wheel with the gear shafts placed strategically behind the steering wheel. The interior is made of smart car fiber clothing and the seats are made of black charcoal finish leather. There is enough space inside the vehicle for even a six foot tall person to fit with ease and the smart driving position of the car makes it convenient for the person at the driver’s seat to control the vehicle.

The Audi RS 6 Plus is meant for luxury as it comes with an advanced air condition system with under seat cooling, a climate control system, an advanced audio output, and a LED monitor with GPS connectivity and tracking system. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available as standard and an advanced suspension makes the rough terrains seems easy. The vehicle is however not meant to tackle the off road experience, but it does a fairly decent job even on rough patches of the road. The RS 6 Plus is a good performance vehicle and nonetheless, the wagon has more power than the saloon. However, the overall functioning of both the vehicles is the same, so there is not much of difference in their ride quality, performance and luxury features.


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The Audi RS 6 Plus comes with an elegant body work with an aluminum fairing over a strong steel frame, designed on the Audi’s space frame technology. The innovative technology makes aluminum body frames with equally light shafts which enables the car to give massive performance. The vehicle is available in blue, black, metallic silver and white body colors and has a perfectly aerodynamic design, complete with the Audi front grille. The sleek lines up front continue to the sides and the rear and this lends the car a sleek look and a streamlined shape for increased aerodynamic performance.

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