Audi RS6
Audi RS6 | $ 82,000
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Audi RS6

Audi RS6

Developed by Quattro GmbH for AUDI AGAs, Audi RS 6 is a mid-sized luxury executive and sports car. The highest specification and top performance model in the Audi A6 lineup, the initials RS in the model’s moniker stand for RennSport or Racing Sport. The five-seat five-door "Avant" finds place above the S specification models and the internal combustion engine used in the RS6 is the most powerful powerplant in the entire Audi passenger vehicle repertoire that is not offered in any of their other models. In the C5 specification, the RS6 was produced from 2002–2004 and in the C6 trim, it was produced from 2008-10.


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Introduced at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, the current (second generation) Audi C6 RS 6 comes with heated front seat that features memory settings and offers lumbar adjustment. The driver can also adjust the memory settings on the vehicle to steering wheel position, climate control and exterior mirrors to personalize the driving experience. With leather upholstery and gray poplar wood dashboard inlay, the interior of the RS6 boasts of a first aid kit in the rear center armrest, an electric sunroof and a factory fitted premium Bose sound system with sub-woofer.


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The C6 RS 6 is offered in a 5-door Avant version as well as a 4-door sedan/saloon and featured a hood and fenders fashioned from lightweight aluminum. Developed on a steel monocoque, the model drew heavily on the silhouette of the original Audi Quattro, with flared wheel arches in the front and rear that translated into a wider wheel track for the vehicle. The RS 6 comes with a specially designed LED lighting styling on the front and rear-end that compliments the adaptive headlights which sensed the steering wheel movement of the vehicle and could swivel around corners. The lower front bumper comes with fog lamps fashioned as a series of 5 LEDs on either side. Fitted with larger air intakes, the front end of the model also features a set of spectacular main headlamps that come with integrated daytime LED running lights on either side.

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