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Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron

The Audi ‘e-tron’ is a series of innovative hybrid electric powered concept cars from the house of Audi. The first e-tron was showcased in the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. The second model of the e-tron series was unveiled at the ‘North American International Auto Show’, held in Detroit, 2010. E-tron has undergone many evolutions and the company has showcased various upgraded version of the ‘e-tron’ concept in various auto shows held thereafter, across the globe. In the global automotive industry, all the major car manufacturers are putting their efforts to design and roll out a feasible alternative energy powered vehicle in the market as soon as possible. Many industry experts believe that, the future cars are going to be fully powered by electricity and the unveiling of e-tron is a major step towards that direction. The e-tron has a fully electric powered driving system, and it’s just the beginning of a new era, where conventional hydrocarbon fuel powered cars can become a thing of the past. Let’s have a detailed look at the first e-tron car, showcased in the Frankfurt Motor Show.


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The interior of the car is also uniquely designed to meet the demands of an electric hybrid car. It has a slim dashboard made up of composite fiber materials and it extends up-to the door panels. As there’s no transmission tunnel in the car, the designers have differently designed the center tunnel. It’s lightweight and slim and the center console is made convex in design. The gear selector elegantly emerges out of the tunnel when the car is started. For those who want to go green and reduce their carbon footprints, Audi e-tron is a dream turned reality. Moreover it has unmatched security features, such as interlinking and communication with the other on-road cars and the traffic system, which makes it one of the safest cars on road.


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Lightweight construction is the key to performance and range of any electric hybrid car. So the Audi engineers had to specially design the outer body of the car. The exterior body construction is based on the Audi Space Frame (ASF) technology. In this new design approach, the engineers used carbon-fiber reinforced plastic materials to construct the doors, roof, side-wall and lids. The total weight of the car happens to be around 1,350 Kg.

The most predominant design feature of the e-tron is that it gets its power from lithium-ion cell technology. The designers have made it a priority to keep the weight of the car low, using synthetic and alloy materials, so that the performance can be enhanced. As far as the dimension of this car is concerned, its length, width and height are 4.26, 1.9 and 1.23 meters respectively. So its size resembles with any typical mid-engined supercar. The cabin of the car is a bit dragged towards its front axle, so that enough room can be generated in the rear part of the car to accommodate the massive battery, inverter unit and other vital electronic parts.

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