Audi Unveils Its New Range of Sports Cars 2014

Britney Scott / August 13, 2013

Audi launched its new range of sports cars at the Delhi Couture Week in India and added more style to the glitzy fashion event. Hosting the launch was Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire and head of Audi-India; Michael Perschke .

During the event, Perschke stated “Our new sporty line as part of the Audi 2014 autumn collection includes Audi R8 V10 , Audi RS 5, Audi S6 and Audi TT. These models not only underline our extraordinary expertise in design and lifestyle, but also clearly establishes us as a performance leader.”


The Delhi Couture Week 2013 was there to witness the unveiling of the Audi R8 V10+, Audi RS 5, Audi S6 and Audi TT models.  The Delhi-NCR region has the highest number of Audi buyers in India and that was perhaps why the premier car manufacturer decided upon Delhi as the venue for the car launch.

The launch also brought out the increase of the cost by 2-3% of Audi cars which are a result of the depreciation of the Indian currency and the subsequent increase in input costs.  The price of the Audi A6 has risen over the last few years in India.

Perschke stated ” Audi does not fear competition from other leading luxury car brands as their motto is to provide the customer optimal services and luxury with innovative technology that makes it distinct from others.”

Audi, which is the second largest luxury car manufacturer in the world, is also looking at upgrading the high-end A8 towards the end of the year so that it can provide some competition to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Audi is also planning to revamp the A3 models to make them more appealing with high-speed wireless technology features.

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