Hi-end audio speakers at CES 2012
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Hi-end audio speakers at CES 2012

Hi-end audio speakers at CES 2012

CES 2012, which continues to dish out one wonder after another, especially with audio systems, has managed to catch the eye with two special introductions from different companies: The HiVi 2.3BHT floor standing home theater speakers and the Dream 360 Reference speaker set. Both striking and reeking of high-end audio engineering, these acoustic devices have managed to garner attention for their inherent qualities and for the discerning modern audiophile, it would be the sort of equipment they generally would seek out from the crowd.

High end audio at CES 2012 event

· HiVi 2.3BHT floor standing speakers

HiVi 2.3 BHT speaker set

With 470cm of height, and 846cm of width, these HiVi 2.3BHT floor standers are truly a masterpiece in sight. As a part of a whole series which also include the central and surround speakers and the sub-woofer, this front speaker packs in all the punch for the sound, that would be of the stature every discerning audiophile would prefer. The body comes with a special piano lacquer finish, with natural wooden veneers beneath pointing out to the breed of equipment, and the degree of craftsmanship involved. As a pack, it could well become the central focus of attention in any music room. Beginning with the technical high points of the front speakers (one of the main), it has been fitted with four PD6 woofers, 16 DMO mid-range drivers, 16 RT 1.3 tweeters and a frequency response range of 40Hz-20Khz. In terms of power generation, the capacity is pegged at 500Watts. Coming to the central speaker 2.3C, it also has the same configuration in terms of woofers, but has a TN28.1 dome tweeter and two RT1.3 super tweeters, which focus on the perfection in sound clarity and authenticity. The frequency response is the same as that of the front speakers though its power handling capability is pegged at 320 Watts. The surround speaker F5R on the other hand has two PD6 woofers and two TN28.1 tweeters with a response range of 55Hz to 20KHz. With these high end technical capabilities, experts label this as being an ideal for a private theater or hall setting, where sound is to be distributed uniformly over a bigger area.

· Dream 360 Reference speakers

Dream 360 Reference speakers

In a time when futuristic designs seem to be making the mark even in the high-end audio devices segment, the Dream 360 leaves a prominent mark. The name of the particular self-standing cylindrical speaker incorporates mystery, as it stands for Dynamic Realistically Enhanced Audio Module (DREAM), which is deciphered into a patented technology for 360 degree sound dispersion. Along with a different design, certain technological high points have been included such as Wi-fi connectivity to a fixed range of audio storage devices, an uncompressed 96KHz wireless audio transfer as well as Analog RCA optical and coaxial interfaces. Looking at the picture, if one wonders about the sound, be prepared for an 500W power output which is pretty much on the higher side considering its physical limitations. From the physical dynamics and technical prowess point of view, these would be ideal for live karaoke sessions or rather small crowd gatherings. It might suit a mini-theater on private yachts or AV rooms as well, with the different color options.

Via: Dream 360/Swanspeaker

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