Audiovector R11 Arreté Reference Speaker – When Cost is no Object
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Audiovector R11 Arreté Reference Speaker – When Cost is no Object

Audiovector R11 Arreté Reference Speaker – When Cost is no Object
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Taking the concept of an unrestricted sound with no loss of dynamics from less power input beyond the existing borders, the founder of Audiovector Ole Klifoth and his design team has now realized a dream of crafting a high-end reference speaker from which all other speakers could be measured for their sound quality. Defined to be the culmination of lifetime’s buy diflucan listening, the uncompromised speaker Audiovector R11 Arreté has been designed to produce the ultimate listening experience. Built upon a foundation of experience, the R11 Arreté in essence are the pinnacle of 30 years’ of research, engineering, and listening experience, which boasts ultra-advanced technology and finishing, from titanium to aircraft-grade aluminum and 24K carat gold plating for anti corrosion treatment.

Audiovector R 11 Arreté Reference Speaker

Audiovector R 11 Arreté Reference Speaker for Whom Cost is no Object

On the technical end, the R11 Arreté reference speaker features bipolar radiation characteristics to achieve a better relationship between the sound and the space around, while the eight fluoxetine pharmacy price fluoxetine online prices fluoxetine online us fluoxetine shipped from canada fluoxetine without prescription uk discounts ultra-linear sub-woofer drivers at the rear delivers the sound an effortless weight.

Audiovector R 11speaker

Further, the teardrop shape is the design’s core principle, allowing the non-parallel lines to eliminate all internal resonance, and reduces the need for excessive damping. buy generic dapoxetine 90 online no prescription cheap. men's health. e- check, low prices, fast worldwide shipping. Notably, the ultra-strong carbon-fibers are also an important ingredient in the membranes. The corners screws too are made from magnetic stainless steel.

Audiovector R 11 Arreté Reference Speaker for Whom Cost is no Object

In short, the R11 Arreté has been described as the Retin-A online most ambitious Danish speaker ever, which will set the standard for Audiovector for the next 10 years.

Audiovector R 11 Arreté

And, for those who wish for the best, the $207,000 R11s can now also be built to order, with bespoke finishing options, including red piano finish. The R11 comes in Madrona Burl Veneer covered with 14 sep 2011 ... buy female viagra online without prescription - 10% off for all reorders. bonus 12 layers of high gloss lacquer .

We interviewed Ole Klifoth, the Order Lamisil CEO and Chief Engineer of Audiovector, who started Audiovector 30 year ago, back in 1979 to build the audio of his dreams.

Ole Klifoth

1) How would you define your target audience?

Oly: Very wealthy people, footballplayers, golf stars, highly ranked sportspeople in general,luxury afficionados, people who value superb sound. Musicians. Enthusiast have bought the Audiovector R11 Arreté, too.

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2) Audiovector speakers hold unique aura of classical timeless design. What is your inspiration when drawing a design?

Oly: Form follows function is one inspiration (the teardrop shaped design is ideal for sound, and it is and old design dogma, too). The other inspiration comes from myself and my two designers, jacob Tryde and Lars Mathiiesen (with whom I made the SR 6 design 10 years ago while we were travellin.- First drawing was in the sand of a wonderful Pacific Island…). And, you know, we are from Denmark, where classic timeless design was pioneered my people like Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl and others.

3) Where will you draw line between hifi and high for you?

Oly: As we do a wide range of products, we have to draw this line. The R11 Arreté, theSR6 Avantgarde Arreté, the Si3 Avantgarde Arreté and the Si1 Avantgarde Arreté are all true high end speakers, where nothing has been spared in order to achieve the best possible sound quality. The rest of what we do is high quality hi-fi, but not special enough to qualify for the hi-end title.

4) We have seen some unique shapes in high-end audio designed to achieve omnidirectional sound effect (360-degree sound). Your views on it?

Oly: Our R 11 is not omnidirectional, but it is a dipole between 90 Hz and 1500 Hz, which is where all the important “soundstage” information is. So , yes, I believe in speakers which are more complex than direct firing speakers.

Via: AudioVector

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