Audiowood Wood Turntables brings music back to life

Andrea Divirgilio / June 16, 2008

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The subwoofers and mega-watt audio systems are ruling the roost but the turntables fad has managed to stay afloat and in fact found a special niche for themselves in the world of ardent audiophiles. And in sync with the woody gadgets that we have been following lately, here’s a whole range of strangely yet distinctively designed wooden turntables from Audiowood. Though they couldn’t make it to the Most Expensive Turntables that we have covered, you can just lay the needle gently down and sit back to enjoy your favorite melodies come to life by these eco-friendly vinyls. Crafted out of extraordinary, uncommon wood like burlwood and so, the designer, a carpenter by profession since ages, has build new plinths for vintage turntables and tables that use all-new parts. The all-new tables feature premium bearings, Maxon DC motors, and are usually designed with Rega arm spacing. Big Red, Lacey, Knobby, Thor to name a few aren’t the names of some fairy tale characters like the seven dwarfs. All the turntables are christened with such wacky names.

Though a classic collection of all these woody turntables are seen on the product page, only one of them, Pod, is still available. This solid walnut and redwood burl table with Rega-based design features solid Gabon ebony feet and armboard, solid-brass spikes. So if you are actually interested in reviving the good old days with all the warmth and enjoyment that only a wooden turntable can provide, then go for it NOW!

Via Audiowood

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