Auto-Rising TV Cabinet with built-in Yamaha YSP1000 Speakers

Andrea Divirgilio / September 27, 2007

tv cabinet
If by any chance you want to hide-in your 50′ plasma screen or just looking for a nice TV cabinet to make it look more appealing then designer Lee Sinclair offers you decent options to deck your plasma like this cabinet in sycamore and glass. The cabinet can stack your 50″ plasma and it is also features built-in Yamaha YSP1000 surround sound speakers.

tv cabinet1
The automatic electric lift system reveals your plasma as and when you want it. The auto-rising TV cabinet sells for £5500. The cabinet can also be modified to house various components for the home cinema. And, if you want choices, we have plethora of options to offer including Auton’s Plasma Lift.

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