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Autum Heretic Coffin Couches are beyond life and death

Andrea Divirgilio / February 8, 2011

heretic couch
We have earlier told you about the recycled Coffin couches by CoffinCouches, so when we spotted these Autum Heretic couches handmade in the USA, we couldn’t spot the difference between their 18-gauge steel coffin couches and the exotic Coffin couches, but nonetheless we are loving them as well. The Heretic couch is made from an 18-gauge steel coffin with four cast-iron legs unlike the six-legged coffin couch, hand-stitched Italian leather, and in an attempt to make them unique, there is a laser-engraved ID plaque on the side of the couch to certify authenticity. Also, only three of these unique couches are being made, so if you taste of gothic art and mainly you live in the United States, then the sexy black couch is all yours for $4,500, the same as the Coffin couch’s price tag.

The “Heretic” couch indeed looks refined then the original “Coffin Couch.” Also check out their limited edition collection of cycles called “Minion” that features a powder coated cantilever steel frame and are available in a limited production run of seven bikes only.


Via: Autum/Baller House

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