AUX Level speaker brings concert-quality sound to your room

Andrea Divirgilio / July 7, 2009

aux level day muscinelli edition

The AUX Level speaker by Italian brand Outline is designed to look as good as it sounds. This simple looking mono-block amplified stereo system is aimed straight at audiophiles who want great music and total simplicity. AUX Level’s minimalist exterior, combined with a 400-watt amp and speaker drivers, makes for a great speaker system. The components have been rearranged and doubled up on the subwoofer section. Designed to complement up to 42-inch flatpanel TVs, the AUX Level can be placed on the ground or mounted on your wall. They say that it’s not your run-of-the-mill iPod speaker but a high quality system that produces clean and extremely crystal clear sound. The AUX Level is being said to fill a large room and shake it with the utmost ease. Pricing for the AUX Level starts at $2500, with the top of the line AUX Level Muscinelli Edition costing $3,000. This Muscinelli Edition has been specially designed by Roberto Muscinelli using fireworks and paint. The speaker is also available in Stage Black, Piano Black, Alpine White and custom leather finishes.

aux level alpine whiteaux level night muscinelli editionaux level untitled muscinelli edition

Via: TendenceHighTech

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