Avatar-inspired shower makes an extraterrestrial landing into your bathroom

Andrea Divirgilio / January 20, 2011

shower concept by thierry fischer

Fischer Thierry, a 5th-year design student in ISD design school, is a self-confessed sci-fi lover, and he has driven his inspiration from the best science fiction of the decade, Avatar for his latest shower design concept. The shower concept imbues the design hues inspired by the uber-nature of “Pandora.” The shower can be used in rain shower mode or use the water that is staying in the different bowls just like the water stored on the leaves after a rain.

The ecological design features the warm water reserve near to the water outlet to reduce the lag during the water consumption and save water. Though it’s still a concept, this extraterrestrial shower will have many takers if it makes a leap from concept to real, but we would like it with a joint pedestal and mood lights and touchscreen controls will make it even more magical. Check out the image gallery after the jump.

Via: Fischer Thierry

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