Avion 8529 by BDI: A Cabinet that Breathes!

Andrea Divirgilio / September 14, 2007

bdi avion 8529 rollers
The Avion 8529 by BDI is a cabinet that meets with the latest housing demands of your home theatre systems. It is perfectly engineered to accommodate the entire components, not only does it fit in the television, but the accomanying accessories too. Although it gives the picture of an ordinary piece of furniture, it is loaded with features. It is fabulously designed to support up to a 70″ flat panel or rear-projection TV. It’s other features include, the excellent concept of ventilation to cool the mechanism, hidden wheels to move the loaded cabinet to your chosen spot, built in cable management, adjustable shelves, and tempered glass. The beautiful and spacious cabinet could be yours for approximately $1950, as prices vary in different stores.

Via: Productwiki

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