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Backwards Beatles Abbey Road photo up for auction

Andrea Divirgilio / May 17, 2012

The Abbey Road photo which shows the Beatles walking backwards

Beatles fans have a new reason to cheer. After never-before-seen Beatles photo was offered for sale, now, another most iconic photograph of the famed Beatles band is up for auction, which shows them walking across the Abbey road Zebra crossing backwards. A different version of this picture where the band is seen crossing the road from left to right became the album cover of Abbey road- a Beatles chart topper which continues to hog limelight 43 years after its release. Packed with memories and steeped in history, the photograph is to go under the hammer at Bloomsbury auctions on May 22.

The original cover photo of Beatle's Abbey Road

The legendary Abbey Road cover image was shot to resemble a funeral procession. Heading the pack is John Lennon in a chic white suit, which many believe was meant to reflect a heavenly body. Lennon is followed by Ringo Starr, who with his black suited attire symbolizes a mourner. A barefooted Paul McCartney, next in line, is suggestive of a corpse. Bringing up the rear, we see a denim flaunting George Harrison who could be taken to represent the grave digger. John Lennon had reportedly drawn a rough sketch of what he wanted the album cover to look like. Based on this sketching, photographer Iain Macmillan took six images over the span of a ten-minute long shoot. Traffic was help up as Macmillan took shots from the top of a ladder.

The backward image differs from its world famous original on two major counts. That the group here is seen walking backwards is undoubtedly the first among them. Secondly, unlike in the original, the backwards photo shows McCartney wearing shoes. Part of a 25 print edition, the image is expected to surpass current estimates, which stand at around $14,321 (£9,000). “The photo has been called an icon of the 1960s” added Sarah Wheeler of Bloomsbury auctions and we totally agree with her. One the most loved Beatles images of all times, it has, over time, fueled urban legends. The original Abbey Road image had triggered a conspiracy theory which suggested that Paul McCartney got killed in a car crash. According to this theory, some Beatles songs are actually hiding within themselves clues which relate back to McCartney’s alleged demise. All aspects considered, the Beatles backward image, given its legacy, is sure to set new records.

UPDATE: The rare Beatles photo walking across the “Abbey Road” the wrong way fetched nearly twice the estimated price, at $31,000 (£16,000).

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