Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 wireless speakers allows you to transport your music along

Andrea Divirgilio / January 11, 2012

After last year’s master class equipment like the Beosound5 CD ripper, Bang & Olufsen has now stepped into the arena of portable speakers through their Beolit 12 unit. Resembling the formation of a traditional picnic basket, this speaker unit incorporates a lot for the Apple addicts with the Airplay system, and a compact design generally not very common in the niche space of portable speakers. If what the company says has anything to go by, these speakers will make every audiophile, whether this is the only way portable speakers should be like.

Bang and Olufsen Beolit 12 portable speaker

Designed by Danish designer Cecilie Manz, the Beolit 12 wireless speakers shall bring together convenience, high-class finishing, and quality sound reproduction on a common platform. Available in multiple shades like blue, and grey and white, this portable speaker can be carried around with the help of its crafted leather handle. The additions which will have tech geeks and audiophiles raving, is the double 2-inch tweeters, 4-inch woofers, and Beolit 12 Airplay system which shall be helpful for connecting devices like the iPod to the speakers for playing audio content. There is also the 3.5mm jack and the USB slot to help connect other portable devices, especially if the Airplay system doesn’t work for them. This brings in the ideal combination of utility and style when going for an outing or playing your favorites during the poolside party. Hopefully, the price is comparatively reachable at $800 an unit.

Bang and Olufsen Beolit 12 portable speaker

This CES upcoming edition shall also reveal another sleek and equally captivating device for Bang & Olufsen. It’s the Beolab 12 wall speakers. Armed with all-digital technology, these speakers are sleek as one gets them with their wall mounted design, preventing any wastage of precious room space. On the interiors they have the 3/4th acoustic lens for treble control, a couple of 6.5-inch CosCone woofers and also the 2-inch mid-range unit. Coupled with the Beovision 12 65-inch television, it gives the entire room a very modern and sophisticated touch when installed. The price tag attached to the Beolab 12 is $4,800, where the Beovision 12 TV comes for $11,350. Looks like 2012 is going to be an action and style packed year for B&O!

Beolab 12 wall speakers & Beovision 12 TV

Via: Gizmodo/ Bang & Olufsen

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