Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A3 pushes the tablet culture forward

Andrea Divirgilio / May 4, 2012

Ever since its inception in 1925, Bang & Olufsen, the Danish manufacturers and designers of audio products, TV sets and telephones have always impressed the world with its high-end products including the Beolit 12 wireless speakers, EarSet 3i stereo headset, BeoVision 4 85-inch Plasma TV with 3D, to name a few. This renowned audio specialist brand is now all set to make a mark in the world of iPad speakers with the release of its new BeoPlay A3 sound system. This stylish looking product not only falls under the B&O’s new affordable ‘Play’ range, but it also delivers a pretty impressive sound performance.

B&O's BeoPlay A3

Unlike the standard iPad speakers, the B&O BeoPlay A3 sound system is designed to tuck-away the iPad inside its body to amplify the audio from the Apple tablet. Available in black, this wedge shaped speaker is made from an aluminum frame that weighs just 1.5kg, but it does gives a considerable weight once you tuck in your iPad. Its unique design allows you to stand the device up in both portrait and landscape modes, and it can also rests on the lap, making it ideal for browing the web or scrolling through the favorite music play-lists. The volume and standby buttons are kept minimal and positioned on the speaker’s thinnest edge.

B&O's BeoPlay A3

BeoPlay A3 adapts to the way you use it with the help of company’s Adaptive Stereo Orientation, which is a motion sensor that sense the orientation of device, activating the relevant speakers accordingly, thus delivering the best possible sound experience. It creates the loud and bassy sound in half-inch tweeters and omni-directional two-inch woofer, that are positioned in the corners, delivering the rich 60HZ audio.

B&O's BeoPlay A3

BeoPlay A3 is currently compatible either with the original iPad or iPad 2, unfortunately not with the newest iPad, but B&O is working o it. To have one lying around home to turn the iPad into a TV, one has to splash out a total of $727.

Further, B&O has also unveiled its new BeoPlay V1 TV that is described to deliver brilliant design, brilliant sound and complete control. The V1 TV offers a few placement options; one with the integrated stand allowing it sit on the floor and second it can be hanged from the ceiling or attach to the wall.

B&O's BeoPlay V1 TV

Via: B&O/ Gizmodo

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