Barbara Eden | $ 8.5 Million
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Barbara Eden Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 8.5 Million
Barbara Eden
Barbara Eden
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Born on: 23rd Aug 34 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Actress and musician
A famous actress and musician from Tucson, Arizona, Barbara Eden is truly an American icon. The blonde hot bod refuses to grow old through her elegance and fashion etiquette which is characterized by boldness and innovation. She can pull off a diaphanous gowns on the red carpet, and appear on magazine covers in informal clothing. She is also popular for her 'Jeannie Costume', which gave her a distinct look on screen. The retro-style reflects in the colorful miniskirts, and she was famous for donning revealing skirts on television during the 1960s. She plays it safe by following the trend, but makes original choices to express her beauty through her clothing. For example, she drew the attention of the American audience by wearing her bright, stylish wimple on television as the popular sitcom character, Jeannie.  
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Barbara Eden Brands (3)

Black Barbara Eden Dress

Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden wore this elegant dress in the celebrated sitcom 'I Dream of Jeannie'. It's basic fiber is wool, and the clothing material adds to its versatility. It has a carefree, casual style, which fits into informal gatherings and outdoor excursions. The black dress represents the essence of the fashion of the 60s. The bust is white with black stripes, and there is a zip closure at the rear. A label has been sewn as the Internal Screen Gems tag, with the name of the actress written by herself. Definitely a collector's choice!

Pink Miniskirt

Barbara Eden

This bright pink skirt draws attention instantly, and can be worn to pay a stylish tribute to the fashion of the era. It an urban, chic dress which reflects the jovial side of Jeannie. The broad collars add a bold dimension, and the waist is seductively slim. The immense pockets on the chest make the dress more attractive. The hem of the skirt is even and thick to avoid an over the hill presentation. Bold and minimal! A rare combination indeed!

Sparkling Skin Color Gown

Barbara Eden

This seductive dress suits Eden's stylish persona. The skin color of the gown blends finely with her fair complexion. The body-hugging dress shows off her curves. The dazzling design makes a bold style statement, and the overall sparkle of the gown grabs eyeballs. This dress shows that style defies age; beauty does not wither with time!

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