Barbie’s dream house life-size version to cost $3.5 Million
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Barbie’s dream house life-size version to cost $3.5 Million

Barbie’s dream house life-size version to cost $3.5 Million

Barbie Dream House of 2011

When it comes to girls and their obsession with dolls, a Barbie doll can never be overlooked. Since the time Barbie dolls have been introduced in 1959, these have been a favorite companion for girls, and have become an icon in the toy world. The Barbie lovers must have seen the most expensive Barbie dolls in the world. But, this time it’s the Barbie dream house that will fascinate the doll lovers and design lovers, alike. The dream house design will be the most expensive doll house if it takes shape as planned. And, with all the opulence this doll house will feature, equal emphasis will be paid on making it eco friendly.

This eco friendly doll house is designed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in collaboration with Mattel. The house is planned to commemorate the launch of Mattel’s newest Barbie doll - "I Can Be Architect Barbie." The captivating house is entirely eco friendly and features special bamboo flooring, green house, solar panels, landscaped rooftop, irrigation system and operable shading devices. The house has low floor toilet that can save up to 4,000 gallons of water per year and sink fixtures, all made of locally sourced Buy Orlistat materials. Barbie also gets a 1,500-square-foot entertaining space, a library, open chef’s kitchen, client-meeting room, a full-floor, an inspiration room and a landscaped garden for her pets.

Ting Li and Maja Paklar, recent Harvard graduates won most of the public votes for their collaborative effort in designing the buy methocarbamol dream house. According to the AIA President, Clark Manus, FAIA ;

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“The intent of the partnership with Mattel to promote the launch of Architect Barbie was to engage and inspire young girls to experience the looking for estrace? order estrace cream - best offers for estrace in our online drugstore. world of architecture and the range of possibilities that design thinking offers.”

Although Mattel has no plans to turn the proposal into either a dollhouse or a real manor but according to the architects, the house would be sold for $3.5 million if it would be ever built in a life-size version.

Barbie Malibu Dream House

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But, for those who would fancy a real-life version, interior designer Jonathan Adler has earlier designed a Malibu purchase Furosemide Dream House along with the new version of Barbie, to mark the 50th anniversary of the debut of Barbie. And, Mattel went on to decorate a life-sized 3,500 square foot house in Malibu that features a chandelier made of Barbie hair, and a mirror made from 65 Barbie dolls.

The $3.5 million doll house Malibu Dream House buy baclofen online, para que sirve baclofen 10 mg, baclofen pill 10 mg. reviews for street price of 10 mg baclofen peak onset rezeptfrei in spanien how  is a modern and hi-tech design, but we have earlier also told you about the traditional yet luxurious Coleen Moore’s Fairy Castle, that belongs to a museum in the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, and the Bespoken dollhouse that featured the select work of artists from Glouster, besides luxury furniture collection for dollhouses to furnish your choice of doll house.

Via: Fastco Design/ Art Daily

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