Barrett-Jackson classic yellow submarine comes with an electric guitar signed by Sir Paul McCartney

Andrea Divirgilio / April 2, 2012

After the cars, yachts and jets become too common, the rich and famous have resorted to buying submarines, such as the Triton 3300/3. It’s henceforth no wonder that the upcoming auction by Barrett Jackson features 2 such submarines, including a classic 2 Man Sonar 1969 submarine and a K350 1ATM both of which are ideal for aquatic adventurous, much like those seen in the movies. In fact the 1969 Man Sonar submarine is also going to be an autographed guitar, by Sir Paul McCartney himself, which should set the bidding wars to be rather aggressive in the times to come.


Though it is going to be at the center of attention, the Sonar is presently not in its aquatic zenith condition. After beginning to work from 1969, the machine needed considerable restoration work to bring it back to its present condition, hence is meant for those who have panache of rare collectibles such as this. On the outset, one might think twice about something which resembles a kid’s toy, but going through its documents of authentication, one will begin to believe that it indeed was once a useful submarine. With the Sir Paul McCartney singed electric guitar as a gift, one might give it a shot to finally something where a cozy setup and some guitar music can be enjoyed together.


The Barrett Jackson auction isn’t only about the above mentioned submarine. They will also be auctioning off a Kittredge K350 1ATM submarine, which is a one-off piece. Hopefully in operational condition, this machine can take a dip till 350 feet below sea level, and also house 2 people at the same time. Sadly, there haven’t been too many details revealed, but aquatic adventure lovers wouldn’t want to miss a chance to own this.

Kittredge K350 1ATM submarine

One fanatic of such adventurous is director James Cameron who was recently seen taking a dip within one of world’s deepest surface below waters, the Mariana Trench. Since he has been involved with creating one-man Deepsea Challenger event, it was time he took it up himself, and as we know it, emerged victorious. Truly ‘leading the way’ and lending some inspiration.

James Cameron in his submarine

Via: Barrett Jackson

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