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Most expensive restaurant in New York is Batali’s Del Posto

Andrea Divirgilio / June 16, 2011

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At a time when New York’s food critics are keeping an eye on the pricelist of famous restaurants, Chef Mario Batali of Del Posto restaurant has created a special meal list, which happens to be the most expensive in the city. The meal list consists of a dinner of 12 courses with compulsory wine pairings, which totals up to $1126 for a couple.

This particular meal list overtakes the famed Masa restaurant, where a fixed meal would cost the customer $450, but that too without the compulsory wine pairing. But the reason for which the restaurant charges the amount is for the ambiance and setting for dining, as well as for the high quality food which they serve. The ingredients of the dishes and wines are imported from the farthest corners of Italy in order to give its customers the most supreme possible dining experience. Specialties of the menu are elaborate and the list goes long; Carne Cruda with Truffled Salsa, Parmigiano-Reggiano & Wild Watercress, Cesare’s PROSCIUTTO di Parma, SCUNGILLI due with Black Garlic, Black Pepper, Lemon & Parsley to name a few.

The options for wines are equally elaborate with specialties like ARMAND DE BRIGNAC Brut NV, BILLECART-SALMON Brut Cuvée N.F. 2000, DOM PERIGNON 1995, DOM PERIGNON Rosé 1992, being on the list on offer. The ambiance, as mentioned before, brings in the settings of Italian dining houses, which further adds to the overall experience and makes the diners drown in the settings. Though this establishment has been written about for negative reasons as well, but there is no doubt about the quality of experience one has, with the New York Times granting it a 4 star rating (out of five).

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