Be-coc Camping Car for outdoor enthusiasts with eco values

Andrea Divirgilio / February 22, 2011

be coc camping car

The latest from the house of Be-coc, who gave us the eco-friendly Mobile Home, is the Camping Car for the eco-conscious outdoor enthusiasts. The Camping Car features the Be-coc cube module, including two shells and two swivel solar panels per module. When you reach your camping spot, the Be-coc module opens to offer enough space (3.60 m wide) with panoramic views and clean energy. This modular camper is spacious when open and compact when on the roads.

The Be-coc camping car, with its clean energy option, allows you to step in any unserviced areas while respecting the environment in the utmost comfort. Luxury campers with eco values are certainly going to like the neat concept.

Thanks, Jean-Pierre Appert

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