Beam Bed brings the sun-like rays under the bed

Andrea Divirgilio / July 22, 2008

beam bed 7KAvu 5784Instead of waking up to the sunrays beaming in from your window at dawn, the Beam bed lets you sleep or rest over a sunburst arrangement. I’m sure you won’t lose sleep over this radiant Beam Bed designed by Ewan Robertson for Lagostudio. Practical and robust, it aims to enhance bliss factor of your paradise. Inspired by a figure of elementary simplicity and beauty, the sun, it generates brilliant illuminating effect. The source of light at the base irradiates beams of light like a sunburst through the sun-rays-like opening resulting in a seductive light-shadow. However to sleep comfortably, this light needs to be put off. Board forms the base for the mattress which crafted in a sunburst arrangement from the central fulcrum. This supports the mattress in innovative and untraditional, yet functional and practical manner. Crafted out of lacquered wood, comfort is the name of this Beam Bed and that includes a treat for eyes too.

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via CribCandy

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