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The most beautiful book on fish to fetch upto $80,700

Andrea Divirgilio / May 7, 2012

Enthusiast book collectors, who have the passion and money to buy some of the world’s most expensive books written by this world’s extraordinary thinkers, scientists, influential authors and the works of seminal masters, can now also buy the world’s most beautiful book on fish. To be offered at the Bonhams sale of the Angling Library of Alan Jarvis at Knightbridge on 22 May, the book is a magnificent copy of Marcus Elieser Bloch’s, a German medical doctor and naturalist who is considered as 18th century’s most important ichthyologists, monumental work which is described as the most beautiful book on fishes ever published.

The most beautiful book on fish

Part of Marcus Elieser Bloch’s Natural History Ichthyology or fish and particulars, the book was published in six monumental volumes between the year 1785 and 1797, and is estimated to fetch somewhere around $48,400 to $80,720 at the sale. All of these drawings were taken from Marcus Elieser Bloch’s historic collection of 1,500 fishes, one of the largest collection of its time, which the naturalist put together from the purchases made at home and from returning travels and missionaries from all around the world. Sir William Hamilton is one contributor who is credited for bringing the specimens back with him from Naples.

Marcus Elieser Bloch's book

Executed by a variety of engravers and master artists, some of the finely colored plates are also heightened with the silver to reflect the beautiful metallic sheen of fish scales.

Marcus Elieser Bloch's book

Further, the sale also features a fine first edition of Izaaack Walton’s 1653 The Compleat Angler or the Contemplative Man’s Recreation and Being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing.

We have also earlier seen the sale of most expensive aquarium fish and the $55,000 red dragon flour fish, making it apparent that collectors also pays huge amounts to by fishes for their designer aquariums.

Most expensive tuna fish

Besides, earlier this year, a huge tuna in Japan has become the most expensive tuna fish ever sold at auction for $736,000 or $1,241 per pound. It was sold to the owner of a big chain of restaurants in the capital city Tokyo, at the first fish auction of 2012.

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