MEdiaCOre computer system – Bedside comfort computing

Andrea Divirgilio / March 4, 2008

All you lazy bums out there with a stash of cash have reason to rejoice. Usher in the new uber cool, chic PC from Pearing systems. The tech guys at Pearing call this baby the Mediacore computer system. Picture this, you could be right at home comfortably in bed working or even just watching your favourite hollywood oldie on the mediacore. Don’t be fooled by the very deceptive picture. Thanks to the steaming hot design from pearing, the entire mediacore sits right next to your bed in an end table handling all your computing tasks, albeit with oodles of style and comfort. The swish set obviously don’t like an eyesore in their very private bedrooms, So what if it a high performance PC. So, here we have this high performance bling machine bundled into the custom end table enclosure with a range of folding doors and sliders to access the full features of this hot machine.

And where do all the messy wires and peripherals associated with this bling machine go? They go into the custom end table. Very simple. Now, what exactly makes this mediacore rock? Talk about a quad core Intel processor that crunches your code with 2 gigabytes of RAM to assist it. To store all you want, you’ve got a monstrous 4 terabyte hard disk, now to give you an idea, 4 TB is 4000 gigabytes of memory. Isn’t that huge. Your gaming graphics will be handled by an nVidia 8800gts card.

If you’re wondering where the monitor is, it is your big plasma tv on the wall and the surround sound system takes care of the audio. Roll the wireless mouse and tapdance your fingers on your wireless keyboard to surf, watch media and when in the mood, compute. And the price? Strictly on request.

via UberGizmo / ehomeupgrade

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