Behold the $19,000 gold shoe laces

Andrea Divirgilio / October 20, 2011

Mr Kennedy gold shoe laces

This is how you would say, ‘tying yourself up in gold’. After Nike’s golden boot tribute to Ronaldo, Marianne Vos gold cycling shoes, and the custom made Nike golden ladies shoes, its Mr. Kennedy’s turn to create gold shoe laces worth $19,000 a pair. Embalmed with 14 K of pure gold, these blinged shoe laces will certainly make heads turn towards you, and ensure a royal step in time.

Shoelaces have always been a part of the classic and high-end pairs and certainly haven’t lost their charm over the years. Yet, not much attention has actually been paid to make them something of an attention grabbing part of one’s attire. But with what Mr. Kennedy has done with his latest pair, is something truly out of the ordinary. Investing 120 hours of Columbian craftsmen’s hard work and detailing, these special laces have been given 14carat treatment each, along with generous use of the precious yellow metal for the tips. Simply for the reason of exclusivity, these shoelaces will reach their customers through a cordon of security who would be handing over the product to the designated person.

If these are not your style, you could always opt for the silver ones (also pictured above), which carry a price tag of $3,000 a pair. But we still wonder, if nylon versions with spray paints of similar colors would be a more safe and secure option? Well, we leave that for you guys to decide!

Via: Mr. Kennedy/ Huffington Post

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