Behold the Fairlight’s $28,000 keyboard!

Andrea Divirgilio / September 13, 2007


If you thought the $1,536 Optimus Maximus keyboard was fairly expensive, you might faint at the €20,000 ($28,000) XYNERGI programmable controller from Fairlight. It’s more than your run-of-the mill keyboard as it features the Fairlight’s CC-1 digital media engine too. Anyhow, it might be of no use to you but for the media professionals, it’s a must-have thing. It still packs Microsoft Office and all other Windows applications. The XYNERGI media production centre can be specified with up to two sidecars with twelve faders each. The sidecar touts motorized faders, encoders, switches, channel ststus LED, OLED displays and Joystick sound panner. Check out the video too.

via Crave

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