Behold the quake-proof bed!

Andrea Divirgilio / August 23, 2010

earthquake proof bed

A 66-year-old Chinese man named Wang Wenxi has been granted a patent for his innovative design of an earthquake-proof bed. This high-tech bed can automatically turn into a strongbox to help people survive an earthquake. On each end of the bed is the modular furniture including cupboards and a high-load bearing board the owners can use for regular storage needs. In case of the natural calamity, the components of the bed automatically combine to form a strongbox. The cupboards can be used for storing things, which are necessary for survival, thereby letting the victims live for days before being rescued.

While the bed has been designed with the sole aim to increase the chances of survival during the earthquakes, it could have been great if it had some entertainment options too like we saw with the Quantum Sleeper Unit. After all, the one who will buy this bed will definitely sleep on it whether a quake strikes or not.

Via: Daily Chilli

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