Bell & Ross creates limited edition casino watch for fundraiser
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Bell & Ross creates limited edition casino watch for fundraiser

Bell & Ross creates limited edition casino watch for fundraiser

Bell & Ross BR01

Watchmaker Bell & Ross, known for their watch-making techniques and durability of their timepieces, have introduced a limited edition watch meant to raise funds for the charity event, Only Watches. This event is the only charity event known, where exclusively watches are auctioned for raising funds. This particular event is for the cause of raising funds for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy treatment.

The fund-raiser event will be showcasing 40 luxury brands of fine watches, and will take place in some major cities around the world. The first episode of the event will take place at Monte Carlo, on September 22 this year, from where it will tour to places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, Geneva, Los Angeles, and Milan. Antiquorum, known the world over as a famous auctioneer of watches, will undertake the proceedings for the event, which is happening for the fourth year running. However, Bell & Ross joins hands with the project only for the second time ever.

The watchmaker’s main highlight of the show will be the limited edition timepiece called BR01, which has been made out of pink gold.
Dedicated to the game of roulette, the watch will have a dial resembling the roulette tables of a casino. The markings on the outside shall convey the hours, where as the small roulette ball at the center of the dial shall convey the minutes. For checking on the seconds, one has to look toward the center of the wheel, which will rotate to the rhythm of the seconds. To add to the durability factor of the timepiece, the casing shall be available with a special carbon finish.

The other uniqueness in design is the distinct rectangular shape within which the mini roulette wheel dial has been fixed, adding an appeal very different from any other watch. The water resistance of this limited edition timepiece is stated to be up to 100 meters. One wouldn’t impose an opinion, but getting used to the design would need some study of the timepiece itself. After all, not every watch has a roulette wheel as its dial!

Our earlier coverages of casino timepieces include the Piaget Blackjack watch and also the Casino Themed timepiece from the same watchmaker. They sure look like stylish companions when it’s time to roll the dice.

Via: Worldtempus/Perpetuelle

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