Ben Heck is back with a 1970s Atari-inspired Xbox 360 laptop

Andrea Divirgilio / March 22, 2011

ben heck 1970s atari style xbox 360 system

Renowned console modder Benjamin J. Hekendorn (better known as Ben Heck) has earlier given the modding world the amazing Xbox Laptop, the PS3 Laptop and a laptop-styled Xbox 360 Slim Portable. The modding guru has now mixed the old with the new, by combining a 1977 Atari console with an Xbox 360 laptop system, which has been featured in the latest episode of element14‘s “The Ben Heck Show.” In the episode, Ben works on a custom mod for Atari to create an Xbox 360 portable laptop that reminds us of a 1970s Atari console to help support the debut of new games, including Yar’s Revenge and Star Raiders. Ben Heck said…

It was a great experience taking consoles from two completely different eras and combining them, not only from a mechanics standpoint, but incorporating the design features to replicate an old Atari. That’s what art’s all about!

ben heck 1970s atari style xbox 360 system 1

Ben has incorporated elements from the original Atari system such as wood paneling, sharp, contoured edges and Atari’s classic metal switches. Moreover, he has combined graphics from the original Atari joystick with the “ring of light” required by the Xbox system. Lee Jacobson, SVP of Licensing and Digital Publishing, Atari said…

Ben clearly had a lot of fun and it’s great to see how the classic, retro Atari design is incorporated. The system completely exceeded our expectations and we’re sure that any Atari enthusiast would be thrilled to use this unique system.

Chances are rare that the 1970s Atari-Style Xbox 360 System will be ever offered for sale as it’s a one-off creation, but then, there are people with money out there who would love Ben to build one for them.

Via: PRNewswire

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