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Bene Coffice – Smart and relaxed set up for integrated networking

Andrea Divirgilio / June 23, 2008

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The moment I read the term Coffice, I immediately thought of coffee + office. ‘Coffee at office’ blends well and no nerd is going refuse this intoxicating aromatic brew when he/she is sitting on a Coffice while discussing some innovative projects. These days work has shifted out of those humdrum, teeny-weeny grayed cubicles to open lounges and more spacious and inviting surroundings. Targeting this trend, Bene has designed Coffice, an innovative furniture set-up for all areas where a relaxed information exchange is needed. The range comprises of an easy chair, sofa or a bench for waiting and communicating, together with computer and power connections for networking. Modest and uncomplicated, the Bene Coffice embodies Zeitgeist and internationality.

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With a generously dimensioned, multifunctional armrest that can be used as a storage surface and a working surface for both writing and reading, the easy chair constitutes a compact working tool. A plugbox, which can be optionally inserted into the armrest, contains a network connection and power point, meeting the technical requirements for logging into the Internet. A pivoted flatscreen holder can also be integrated to complete the workstation. Seating comfort is ensured by cushioning and high-quality surfaces that come in three qualities of fabric or in leather.

Ideal for setting up at airline lounges, conference center lobbies or in the foyers of banks and insurance companies, I don’t think it will late before many of our offices and homes also house one of these relaxed work set up. After all conducive work environment is the key to high-speed growth.

Via PureAustrianDesign

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