Benny drive’s 160-inch curved rear screen racing simulator is the big daddy of all

Andrea Divirgilio / July 13, 2012

Moving ahead from the spectator seat of the iconic Formula 1 race to the driver’s seat of this highest class of single-seater auto racing, the F1 lovers now also enjoys being the part of all the drama and glamour of the race. Not literally, but in the high-tech F1 racing simulators, like our earlier shown examples, the DeWalt-Williams F1 simulator, the Vesaro simulator systems to relive the F1 race track dream, and the Playseat F1 Red Bull seat that lets you experience the ultimate speed thrills. Now, taking the F1 simulator racing experience to an altogether different level, a Sweden-based manufacturer of large curved screen solutions for front and rear projection, suitable for different simulations, Norman Design has come up with portable and gigantic 160” curved screen solution for customers who use screen for F1 training.

Benny drive's 160-inch curved rear screen racing simulator is the big daddy of all

This exclusively new 160” screen solution is the latest from the house of Norman Design, and has been especially built for customers who use screen for Formula 1 training. It comes complete with F1 body which is also movable in all directions to 1.5 G with the F1 game. The company provides the complete and full-floating F1 simulator solution at a cost price of about $114,285.

F1 Simulator

However, 160” screen solution for enjoying the seamless image quality can also be purchased without a simulator with Intel 17-PC and software for commercial use for seamless image at a price of $28,570.

This gigantic screen solution delivering seamless image also reminds us of the Alienware curved DLP display, besides the NEC’s 2880 x 900 curved gaming display that mimics Alienware.

Benny drive's 160-inch curved rear screen racing simulator is the big daddy of all

Weighing only 50 kg, the 160” screen solution takes only about 1 hour to assemble. And, PC with special software is also required for reproducing the image from the seamless multi projector which is mounted behind.

Also, the company provides a complete simulator with velved 63” monitor with PC and software at a reasonable price of about $14,300. And, for the simulator with inclined 50” screen solution, the company only charges $5,430.

Also, watch in video the user experience of F1 2011 & DiRT 3 on 160-inch curved rear screen with Thrustmaster T 500 RS racing wheel.

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