Bentley Arnage Red Label
Bentley Arnage Red Label | $ 67,311
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Bentley Arnage Red Label

Bentley Arnage Red Label

The Bentley Arnage was launched way back in 1998 and steady changes have been made to the dotting car over the years to make it technically updated and more powerful in line with its modern day compatriots. Arnage is one of the few examples of the iconic relationship shared by Bentley with its previous partner Rolls Royce before its acquisition by Volkswagen in 1999. Thereafter, various significant changes were made by Volkswagen engineers to key components like the vintage 6.75-liter turbo V8 engine, transmission and styling changes for the 2007 edition. Initially, available in Green and Red Label body colors, the Green Label disappeared post 2000, while the Red Label was replaced by the Arnage R 2002 onwards. Even before the launch of trendsetters like the latest Continental Flying Spur from Rolls Royce, the improvised Arnage at $250,000 continued to be one of the fastest luxury sedans of its class and the flagship brand of Bentley dedicated to all car-enthusiasts looking for some vintage charm.



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In spite of being not as expensive as its rivals, the British luxury sedan still packs a lot of punch by being packed with classy affluence and plentiful amounts of wood and leather. Features like lounging back seats, triple-zone climate control, DVD direction finding, Bluetooth hands free mobile connectivity, front and rear cup holders, multipurpose steering wheels, cruise controls and parking assists are some of the latest upgrades that make this vintage car slightly more 21st-century friendly. Additionally, customized options like special body colors, entertainment systems & a new set of alloy wheels allowed Bentley owners to enjoy the frills associated with a luxury sedan.



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The Arnage, extending 5 m in length and 1.9 m in width, weighed close to 2.5 metric tons. The newly updated Arnage models are fitted with adjustable headlamps in the front and the back. A power-regulated exterior rear view mirror has been positioned next to the driver’s seat along with rear window defogger. In 2001, the Arnage RL, was introduced with a longer-wheelbase (250 millimeters or 9.8 inches longer than the Arnage). The extra length was augmented at the rear door and the C-pillar of the car. In comparison to its predecessor, wherein the rear wheels were positioned against the rear door frames, the positioning of the rear wheel on the RL were a few inches further back. The overall effect of such a positioning was increased spaces within the rear section of the car.


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