Bentley Continental Flying Spur
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Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is a brilliantly designed four-door car having the same platform as the Bentley Continental GT coupé. The Continental Flying Spur was announced in 2005. This car also shares its design platform with the beautiful Volkswagen Phaeton, while its powertrain components are similar to those on the models of Audi A8 and S8. It was skillfully designed by the same team which produced the coveted cars Continental GT and Continental GTC. The Continental Flying Spur was exclusively hand built by skilled technicians at Bentley's sole manufacturing plant located in Crewe, England.


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Inside the Continental Flying Spur, you will find that every inch of leather and strip of wood used in the car has been shaped to perfection. Natural wood veneers form a vital part of the majestic character of the car, and Bentley’s expertise in this area makes them unique. Wood is the prime substance of a Bentley custom and many of the employed techniques developed over almost 90 years of production. The mirror-matched veneers are world renowned for the difficult exacting process which involves placing sequential veneer leaves in an end to end manner to make an ideal, symmetrical pattern running across the entire car.

Everywhere inside the cabin one can discover small finesses that indicate a more polished approach. Many of these are the fine details that enable you customize the car as well. For instance, you can select from seven new defined combinations of emblem stitching, contrast stitching, seat piping, and more. Purposeful technology inside the cabin is meant to create a space and world of comfort dipped in a cutting-edge feel.

It includes advanced infotainment system involving an array of functions like key-less entry, easy iPod connection, TV tuner, Bluetooth telephone system, DVD-based Satellite navigation system etc. Its intelligent Park Distance Control feature, can easily guide you in the snuggest of parking spots. The boot can be comfortably opened and closed at the mere click of a button. The fitted controls offer effortless reach for almost everything. One can move the front passenger seat for adjusting the legroom. Other key features include individual seat adjustments, individual climate zones, full communications and easy entertainment settings.


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Designed as a full size luxury car, the Continental Flying Spur features a 4 door saloon type body style. It measures 5288mm, 1976mm, 1476mm in terms of its length, width and height. The glossy exterior looks awesome. The bonnet design is nearly straight with twin front lights on the side portion.

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