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Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

The bold Bentley Continental has greatly altered and shaped out understanding of Grand Touring vehicles in the 21st century. Setting a new standard in automotive engineering and design, the Continental GT blends modern technology with contemporary design while retaining the classic Bentley DNA at the same time. A fusion of handcrafted luxury and supercar performance, the stunning coupé is a masterpiece in true sense.

First Generation (2003-2010)

Created as a replacement for the RR-based Continental R and T models, the 2003 Bentley Continental GT was a 'two plus two' two-door luxury grand tourer based on the Volkswagen Phaeton platform of the original Continental series. The brainchild of designer Dirk van Braeckel, the first generation of the grand touring car remained in production from 2003 to 2010 and included some great spin-off models like the 2005 Bentley Continental Flying Spur four-door saloon, the 2006 Bentley Continental GTC, the 2007 Continental GT Speed, the 2008 Continental GTZ with a Zagato rebody option and the 2009/2011 Bentley Continental GTC Speed. The Bentley Continental Supersports came into being as a limited production run coupe in February 2009 and a convertible version of the model was announced in April 2010.

Second Generation Bentley Continental GT (2012-present)

The second generation of the Bentley Continental GT went into production in 2011. The 2011 Bentley Continental GT improved overall fuel consumption by 40 percent and cost $189,900. The newer version of the vehicle, the 2013 Bentley Continental GTC V8, is expected to cost $191000.


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On the inside, the 2013 Bentley Continental features deep-pile carpets, cool-touch stainless steel or chrome, wood veneers and exquisite soft-touch leather trimmings. The flying wings of the Bentley motif are subtly echoed in the instrument panel and dashboard. ‘Blood orange’ illumination floods the striking new analogue dials with the form of dramatically surfaced ’wings’ being repeated in the centre console. The interior can be fully customized with engine-spun metal fascias, a choice of veneers as well as several leather hide options.


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The new 2013 Continental GT V8 is a skilful blend of the contemporary and the heritage design. The coach built car features a familiar haunch line that accentuates the imposing, classic, matrix radiator grille with a beautiful jewelry effect being produced by the headlamps and signature wraparound ‘floating’ LED lamps at the rear. The sporting credentials of the new Continental GT are enhanced by the elliptical flared exhaust tailpipes and the ‘double horse-shoe’ motif on the boot lid. The low-sprung wide coupé sits aggressively low on the kerb. Exterior paint options for the 2013 Bentley Continental includes a stunning Liquid Mercury and Extreme Silver finishes.

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