Bentley Gets More Luxurious With $150,000 Diamond-Studded Knob

Andrea Divirgilio / March 5, 2007

diamond studded knob 12
We have earlier told you about diamond-covered Mercedes, Gold-Plated Porsche and Chrome BMW, so what’s next in the luxury chariots of the rich & the famous! This time, the ever-luxurious Bentley adorns the jeweled look with this $150,000 Bentley Knob! This royal masterpiece is handcrafted with 30 carats of real diamonds and 10 ounces of 18 carat white gold. This world’s most expensive Bentley shift knob almost equals the price tag of the roadster itself, for $150,000 and it took 100 hours of labor to complete. The opulent diamond gear is currently on display at the company’s headquarters in Las Vegas.

via Luxist / NYTimes

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