Bentley Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee Edition is a royal car by every means

Andrea Divirgilio / April 24, 2012

With the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accent to the British throne, luxury brands are cashing in on this occasion to introduce new editions of their premium products in the market. The latest to join this bandwagon is Bentley, who recently bought out the Diamond Jubilee Edition of their super luxury car, Mulsanne, in Beijing. Though one would ideally think of a British location for something dedicated to her Majesty, but this scenario was indeed different for taking place in the Chinese capital, which now houses one of the largest Bentley dealerships in the world. However, one would be seeing only 60 of these special Bentley’s zooming about on the roads of China.

Bentley Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee edition

When something is dedicated to royalty, or celebrates a historical event pertaining to a royal family, the use of rare and expensive varieties of fabrication is inevitable. The Diamond Jubilee Mulsanne uses gold threads on the 4 headrests, apart from the veneered wooden tables for the rear seat passengers, which also have golden ornamentation depicting the royal carriage. This is the vehicle which is used by her Majesty for special state visits and functions. The same gold work is displayed on the seat cushions as well.

Bentley Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee interior front

On the frontier too, one sees the extensive use of blue leather, could with the veneered wood we earlier mentioned. The central console panel, front arm rest, and air-conditioning vent are the perfect examples how to contrastic colors can be used in tandem, and that too from different varieties of fabrication.

Bentley Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee interior back

The crafting and refurbishing for the vehicle can be attributed to the centuries old relationship of Mulliner Century which it has with Bentley. Ever since the enterprise got associated with Bentley, courtesy W.O.Bentley’s interest in their crafting skills, they have dished out some of the finest aesthetics and perfection in fabrication of limited edition vehicles. Their intelligent disguise of the red, white, and blue colors on different parts of the car also draw inspiration of the ‘Union Jack’ British flag, which is supposed to be the underlying theme. The ‘B’ badges of the Bentley Company are seen on the pillars columns within the car, also subtly hidden with the designs.

Bentley Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee edition

However, for those searching for other such brilliant specimens of the Bentley craftsmanship, the Limited edition Continental Flying Spur, and the Continental GT for China shall throw light on what the company had to offer in the past, to a country which is now their biggest market.

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