Bentley Turbo R
Bentley Turbo R | $ 195,000
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Bentley Turbo R

Bentley Turbo R

For 12 years, from 1985 to 1997, Bentley Motors Limited produced a high-performance car which went by the name Turbo R. The 'R' stands for 'roadholding' and it was put there to differentiate the car from its predecessor, the Mulsanne Turbo. About 7,230 pieces were assembled at Crewe in Cheshire, England with an FR layout. This 4-door sedan was manufactured with different lengths in different years and on an average measured about 210 inches. The wider tires, a retuned suspension and improved handling were all subtle changes but they transformed the soft performer that the Mulsanne Turbo was into a real roaring performer! In fact, Motor Trend called it the first Bentley to deserve that name! In the US market, this luxury sedan was priced at $195,000.


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One peep through the windows of the Turbo R and you are sure to be pleased and thrilled at the same time. Upholstered with excellent and soft leather, the cushioned seats in the sedan had enough firmness to provide an ergonomic support. The cabin may seem a wee bit cramped for those above 6 feet in height but it is elegant and aesthetic in every sense of the word. The dashboard is impressively neat and seems to be paneled with wood! The ignition is placed high and large on the left side and then follows an array of large gauges and meters. This 1980s car arrives with cruise control, automatic seatbelts and a defroster. It has also been fitted with an air conditioner and a pretty good stereo.


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Reminiscent of the luxury cars of those times, the Bentley Turbo R has a solid appearance with strong, defining body lines. The car has a good height at almost 1.5 meters and arrives with a bonnet that is double the size of the boot. The bonnet, which is otherwise a stately cuboid, has a raised central section. A short but large grille adorns the car and to its either side are quad, round headlamps. The headlamps give the car a sporty appearance. The rear is equally impressive. Similar in shape to the front, there are large, rectangular tail lamps with a small number plate in between them. The bumpers on either end are large and projecting. The improved front suspension and introduction of the rear suspension ensured that the car had very little side-to-side movement at corners and drove stably.

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