Bernie Ecclestone | $ 4 Billion
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United Kingdom

Bernie Ecclestone

CEO of Formula One Management

Net Worth $ 4 Billion
  • Birthday28th Oct, 30
  • Birth PlaceUnited Kingdom
  • Marital statusDivorced
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Who would have thought that the son of a Suffolk trawler captain would reign supreme in the ultra glamorous world of motorsport racing? Bernard Charles ‘Bernie’ Ecclestone, the name is credited for giving birth to the motorsport phenomenon Formula One, and is also the major force behind catapulting it to heights of popularity that any sport can dream of achieving. This F1 Supremo ventured into business at very young age and started trading motorcycle spare parts and eventually formed the Compton & Ecclestone motorcycle dealership, with longtime friend Fred Compton which became the Britain’s biggest. In 1957, he entered into F1 sport with several unsuccessful attempts to win the race. Finally, he succeeded when he bought Brabham in early 1970s, and pioneered it to become a winning force with drivers Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet. Bernie Ecclestone believes in winning at all costs. "Show me a good loser," he says, "and I'll show you a loser." A shrewd businessman that he was, he quickly made billions out of turning Formula One into high-stakes sport. Bernie Ecclestone, five foot two inches tall in his 80s still runs his $ 6 billion empire and hates to celebrate anything, Christmas included. His success is reflected by his ever-swelling assets which include a private jet, a slew of luxurious houses and an envious collection of vintage cars. Ecclestone was married twice and got three daughters. He got divorced in 2009 from his second wife of 24 years, Slavica, a former Armani model, 28 years junior and 29 cm taller than him. This split up resulted in huge payout and wealth is tied up in offshore Bambino trust for his two socialite daughters Tamra and Petra. It is obvious that Ecclestone loves his daughters, as he reportedly spent more than $160 million for buying posh houses for his two daughters. Petra, his 22 years old daughter, known to be the heiress of Formula One racing fortune has recently bought the most expensive luxury home in United States called ‘The Manor’ spread on a five acre plot.



  • He made it quite clear that he wants to leave the bank
  • That would have been a waste of time.
  • I’m not one of Bernie Ecclestone’s ‘Go-Go girls’. I’m more of a speed-breaker.
  • I don't think they could ever have proved anything
  • "The banks don't have anything - no rights whatsoever. The banks are shareholders of SLEC, and SLEC has no rights. ... I am the CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration, which runs the business in F1. From this point of view, I own F1."
  • People want to build new circuits around the world and they say: 'We'll come to Silverstone and have a look how it's done', and I tell them to stay away.
  • They say Formula One is a market which it can't be, obviously. Our market is independent, it's a sport.
  • What we need now is a Treaty of the World not a Treaty of Rome.
  • “If I did take away Silverstone and a British Grand Prix, I'd be seen as a bad guy but that wouldn't bother me.”
  • “We've not got a contract with Silverstone yet but I would be shattered if we didn't get one.”
  • “When people want to built new tracks, they want to look at Silverstone. We don't want it built like that. It's quite embarrassing.”
  • “What we need now is a Treaty of the World not a Treaty of Rome.”
  • I wouldn't like to say I misled him
  • I thought it might keep him quiet and peaceful and friendly and stop him doing silly things

Did you know?

  • He starts his career in motor sport as a driver
  • In his career Ecclestone temporarily left racing after facing an accident during 1950s
  • He has gone through heart surgery and triple coronary bypass.
  • Ecclestone with his friend, Flavio Briatore bought Queen Park Rangers (QPR) Football Club.
  • He joins Indian businessman Lakshmi Mittal as a co-owner businessman.
  • He was involved in a political controversy on tobacco sponsorship in 1997

Family & relationships

Bernie Ecclestone Estates and Homes (2)

London mansion

Chelsea Square home

British billionaire Formula 1 Chief Bernie Ecclestone owns a house in Chelsea, London, U.K.  The home is just at a street’s distance from a converted art school building where Ecclestone owns another condo house.

Location: This is the primary residence of Bernie in London. The house is located in the upmarket Chelsea Square neighborhood of London.

Accommodation: The large mansion is spread in 4,175 square feet area and boasts 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms. The reception is 37 feet at its widest point and has dark hardwood flooring. A bookshelf besides a fireplace provides the best atmosphere for a day of laidback reading.  The spacious master suite contains a long entrance hall off of which are a large bedroom, custom-fitted closet and dressing room. The house comes with two private parking lots.

Extravagant home

Extravagant home
One of the extraordinarily extravagant home and simply isn’t enough

French chateau style

French chateau style
Constructed in the style of a French chateau

Entrance lobby

Entrance lobby
Vast entrance lobby with chandeliers

Dining hall

Dining hall
Spectacular dining room

Classic architectural detailing

Classic architectural detailing
Classic exterior architectural detailing of the house
Glacier 3000 Resort

Glacier 3000 resort

Bernie’s marvelous “Glacier 3000 Les Debleretes resort” is a real paradise for fun lovers gathering around 120,000 visitors every year. Translated as “Little Devils”, the luxurious ski-resort is estimated worth $3.8 million. Bernie has determined plans to develop the resort to twofold the number of yearly visitors.

Location: The magnificent resort is located at a 10 miles distance from Gstaad, Switzerland.

Accommodation: The majestic resort features luxurious restaurants, some of which are located at a height of 3000 meters, and some at 10 meters above the sea level. The resort’s outdoors offer numerous sporting activities for the visitors, which include winter hikes, snow bus and dog sledge rides. The uniqueness of the resort lies in the fact that it allows skiing fun activity from October until July every year.

Bernie Ecclestone Yachts (1)

Stylish interiors

Petara Yacht

Bernard Ecclestone owns the 176 foot super yacht Petara, named after merging the names of his daughters Petra and Tamara. The naval architect firm “Dubois Naval Architects” formulated the technical plan for the yacht while the overall internal ambience is a work from Donald Starkey Designs.


Features: Petara features a main hull constructed with steel and the structure fabricated extensively from aluminum. The stylish and spacious interiors incorporate cherry wood joinery and neutral fabrics furnishing creating a feel of unfussy grace. The main deck features the VIP cabin while the lower deck houses a totally equipped gymnasium including en suite shower facilities.


The sun deck featuring glass wind screens includes a Jacuzzi dip pool, a generous sun pad area and a casual dining aft. The upper deck saloon features comfortable seating areas and ample games tables to relax and have fun. The glamorous dining room with a capacity for up to 12 guests features a spectacular brass inlayed oval table and comfy chairs.


Accommodation: The majestic super yacht offers comfy accommodation for up to 12 passengers with space for 11 crew members. It incorporates six luxurious staterooms featuring marvelous shower rooms and equipped with world class entertainment systems. The VIP cabin positioned on the main deck features an adjoining study and walk-in wardrobe.


Tech Specs: Powered by two 1520 horse power 3512B DITA Caterpillar engines connected to twin screw propellers, the yacht features a cruise speed of 15 knots and high speed of 16 knots. It features a beam of 9.3 meters and an approximate range of 3500 at a speed of 15 knots. 


Bernard Ecclestone owns the 176 foot super yacht Petara, named after merging the names of his beloved daughters Petra and Tamara

Incredible performance

Incredible performance
Powered by two 1520 horse power 3512B DITA Caterpillar engines connected to twin screw propellers, the yacht features a cruise speed of 15 knots and high speed of 16 knots

The Bathroom

The Bathroom
The beautiful bathroom features luxurious fittings and a large size mirror

The Master Cabin

The Master Cabin
The Master Cabin features comfy bedding and world class entertainment systems

Bernie Ecclestone Hobbies (1)

Passion for Motorcycles

Passion for Motorcycles

Before entering the world of motor sport, Bernie used to trade motorcycle spare parts for a living. Since then, he has developed a fascination for these two-wheeler beauties.

Bernie Ecclestone Wedding (3)

Ivy Bamford

Ivy became Ecclestone's first wife after their marriage in the 70s. However, their marriage was short-lived as the pair separated after a few years. The couple has a daughter named Deobrah out of this marriage.
Slavica Malic

Slavica and Bernard Ecclestone have been a married couple for almost 25 years. The couple has two daughters Petra and Tamara out of this wedlock. Lately, though, the Croatian beauty has decided to move out of the marriage and filed for a divorce.
Bernie Ecclestone and Fabiana Flosi were tied in the relationship of marriage at Bernie’s Ski chalet in Switzerland

Bernie Ecclestone and Fabiana Flosi were tied in the relationship of marriage at Bernie’s Ski chalet in Switzerland recently. Bernie said that “We are officially engaged – and it is not going to be a long engagement either,”. The couple marries secretly and billionaire will share his fortune with Brazilian beauty who is just 35 years old marketing director.

He was previously legally married to Ivy Bamford which was short-lived as the pair separated after a few years and Slavica Malic, the couple has decided to move out of the marriage and filed for a divorce after 25 years. 

Bernie Ecclestone Cause (1)

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

Formula 1's association with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity has raised well over $3 million towards the redevelopment of the hospital’s new Heart and Lung centre.

Bernie Ecclestone Brands (1)

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Bernie Ecclestone has frequently been spotted wearing Louis Vuitton creations.
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