Bernardo & Co. custom ammunition cufflinks in platinum are designed for the boardroom

Andrea Divirgilio / March 26, 2012

When the level of sophistication rises in the boardroom, so does the attention to little detailing alongside, especially the dressing. One of the pinnacles of the smartly dressed executive is the cufflinks, which are now a matter of high-end fashion and styling. Some of the best examples we have shown you, include the Tourbillon cufflinks and Titanic DNA cufflinks, which were vibrantly thematic in their design. For those having a taste for bling, and precious metal fabricated jewelry, the Bernardo & Co ammo-shaped cufflinks are certainly the next eye-catching product in the segment.

Bernado & Co cufflinks

In order to exude the similar aura of style as carrying ammunition, these .45 ACP cufflinks have been created from solid precious metals from options like gold, platinum, and even silver, but in 2 main parts; the actual casing of a bullet, and actual bullet itself. As the pictures show, these cufflinks affix in 2 parts, where the outer potion is the bullet and the inner portion is the company branded clasp which holds it all together. To ensure that it looks as precious as it is mean to be, the finest diamonds are hand selected to be placed atop the bullet shell, thus also adding a sense of bling to the overall design. The dual uniqueness of combining the shape and sophistication of design also adds to the flexibility of the accessory. From formal board meetings to semi-casual dinners, these cufflinks just about fit in every style of clothing one may choose to wear.

Bernado & Co cufflinks

Just in case a few of you have thought of ordering a pair of these, they come with a price tag of $19,000, and also a limited edition run every year. Most of what you see, is actually custom made on order, and that too in very limited quantities.

Via: Bernardo & Co

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