Bespoke Arcades and Shok-1 join hands to create a videogame machine to raise funds for Japan relief

Andrea Divirgilio / September 19, 2011

Bespoke Arcades and Shok-1

On 11th March 2011, Japan witnessed the most disastrous earthquake that left thousands of people homeless and dead. Everyone in one or the other way rushed to provide relief to the victims. Be it celebrities or entrepreneurs, each one contributed their bit for quake-hit people in Japan. One such company committed to noble causes is Bespoke Arcades which has launched a video game, Evo Media Arcade Machine, in collaboration with graffiti artist Shok-1 to collect funds for the quake victims. This video game is the world’s first interactive modern art ever made. All the proceeds from the sale will go to the British Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund.

The video game console has 350 classic arcade games pre-installed that can be enjoyed on vast 28” over HD TFT screen. The gaming console starts by just plugging in and is apt for any age group. With option of two people playing at a time, the machine is equipped with 10 button arcade. Outfitted with woofer sound system, the machine has a flush mounted trackball. The machine can also be attached with Wi-Fi access via internal wireless card with front-mounted USB 2.0 ports (x4) and DVD re-writer.

The outer body of the machine has been done by the diligent artist Shok-1 who has given the video game an artistic touch. Decked up in blue color, it is lacquered or bullet-proofed so that it can remain as it is for years. The artist is known for spray painting cutting-edge urban wall paintings around the world since 1984.

The sale of this video game is going on eBay and the bid starts at $7,848. The video game will be displayed at world famous Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London in Eurogamer Expo between 22nd and 25th September, 2011.

Via: Bespoke Arcade/Shok-1

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