Bespoke coffee table suspended by small helium balloons

Andrea Divirgilio / June 28, 2012

Founded by Christopher Duffy, an idea-based company known for producing furniture, lighting and interior products, Duffy London has now amazed the design world with its new ‘UP Coffee Table’, a glass-topped coffee table that gives an impression that a piece of toughened glass is being suspended by an array of 14 small helium balloons. The designer Chris Duffy actually worked with the illusion of floatation, buoyancy, and levitation to produce this bespoke coffee table, which can also be described as a playful trompe l’oeil, which is an art technique that involves extremely realistic imagery in order to create optical illusion that the depicted object exists in 3D. We have earlier seen fabulous illusional furniture designs, including the magnetic floating bed by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, which tops our list of high-tech luxury beds.

Bespoke coffee table suspended by small helium balloon

Hand-made by Britain’s finest artisan craftsmen, this futuristic coffee table has been designed without compromising on the manufacturing processes, and lot of time was spent on its production, making it little expensive. Materials like toughened glass, metal resin composite and toughened steel rods are used to craft this exquisite furniture piece measuring 110cm x 70cm x 35cm (H x L x D).

Bespoke coffee table suspended by small helium balloon

Costing $3,800 the UP Coffee Table will only be produced in a limited edition of twenty examples, and will be available in bespoke finishes and sizes.

Bespoke coffee table suspended by small helium balloon

Via: Fancy/DuffyLondon/Gizmodo

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