Best multimedia chairs that audiophiles would love to sit on!

Andrea Divirgilio / June 20, 2008

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Chairs with built-in speakers and other multimedia capabilities are not a new thing to us. In the past we have seen a range of multimedia chairs that aim to put music where it really belongs, right into your ears. Unique functionality and design of these multimedia chairs are a real invitation for the user to sit down to ‘touch and feel’ the music. Here are some of the best multimedia chairs a true audiophile would love to sit on. See the whole list after the jump…

• iChair for music-lovers

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This rocking retro pod comes with high-quality built-in speakers that are placed near your ears and a subwoofer that sits under your seat for maximum bass. The chair features a pocket for your iPod and a control panel by your right hand for volume-adjustments. The chair has wooden frame with weighted base that prevents tipping and it also features standard audio jack that allows you to connect to any game system or MP3 player. The chair is available in two colors and is priced at $399.

• Lodge Chair

lodge chair mYG9b 48

The Lodge Chair plays on the idea that you will be sitting on your sound, as it comes with an iPod built right into it – with subwoofer and volume controls built into the side table. Guess this does away with all notions of a portable media player, unless you have a golf caddy who doesn’t mind lugging around more than just golf clubs wherever you go. The Lodge Chair itself doesn’t look like it will do any favors for your back, but on the bright side each purchase comes with an embedded iPod. The combination of the unique functionality and design are a real invitation for the user to sit down to “touch and feel” the music.

• SlouchPod InteractiveXT bean bag

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The bean bags are utterly comfortable and feature digital control panel for MP3 players, games consoles, TV/DVD, computer and stereo. The SlouchPod also boasts of 2×5Watt RMS speakers and 1×10Watt RMS sub woofer. The bean bags are compatible with all gaming consoles. Looks to be a perfect multimedia chair for gamers, music and movie fans, but sadly, it lacks an iPod connection.

• Pyramat PM220

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It’s the gaming chair that rocks and rumbles. The Pyramat PM220 is a curved, armless rocker that touts two stereo speakers in the headrest and a rumbling subwoofer built into the seat. Standard RCA jacks means that it will connect to almost any gaming console. The front-mounted knobs allow for easy access and above all, the seat on the PM220 is easily washable

• Hammacher Schlemmer’s Multimedia Chair

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Plug your stereo, home theater, or game system into this sound chair and youll be surrounded with rich, lifelike audio that will enhance your experience of any recorded concert, movie or video game. Sound comes from the two 50-watt speakers built into the headrest, while the chair’s tactile sound transducer, the same technology originally used in multimillion dollar USAF flight simulators and theme park rides, converts low-frequency sounds into vibrations.

• iMedia ergonomic chair

imedia chair R855h 48

The multimedia chair from Empower Technologies has got it all including an integrated 15″ TFT Video Display on swivel arm, integrated Logitech Z-5500 surround sound system, 5 phase-aligned satellite speakers, powered 10″ subwoofer, 505 Watt RMS 6 channel amplifier, 5.1 Dolby digital, DTS , Dolby Pro Logic I Decoding, wireless remote control and digital sound touch control center. The 3.5″ touch screen allows for control of the iPod functions. The chair also features auxiliary inputs to allow for the connection of DVD, music and video game systems and the adjustable tactile transducer takes you in the midst of the action.

• Amadeus Sound System

amadeus eegl1 48

This Amadeus Sound System will appeal you like no one with its Victorian looks and comfort of a Louis XV armchair with its integrated powerful audio system that makes it possible for you, to listen to the music from your choice of audio source be it a reader MP3 or CD, or even the sound of a television set. The Hi-Fi throne fits your favorite iPod too! The upholstered chair is finished with a coating out of wool and cashmere with a feather cushion for your back. Two loudspeakers are placed in each ear, and the amplifier in a pocket bent on the balustrade.

• Rumbleseat Gaming Chair

rumbleseat OrB9R 48

The Rumbleseat Gaming Chair features four speakers each side, two powerful subwoofers, dynamic vibration motors, sound responsive LED light, RCA input/output ports/headphone jack. The chair also features wireless connectivity to keep your gaming room clutter-free. The Rumbleseat is also available in plus microsuede and it even folds in half for convenient storage.

• Renegade Gaming Chair

renegade MNZlG 48

The Renegade Gaming Chair comes fully loaded with 12 game synched Vibration Motors, headrest mounted 3D stereo speakers, game-triggered lighting effects, variable massage mode, MP3, and headphone jacks. Touting a sexy racing seat design, the Renegade Gaming Chair is compatible with most of the gaming systems, including Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSX, Gamecube and PC/Mac (USB 2.0).

• Music Sofa

music sofa E2OFD 48

This Music Sofa from designer Giongkun Wuqiongkun features a wireless speaker set-up along with a built in CD player. So, as such nothing is so special as compared to the other multimedia chairs, we told you about like the Amadeus Sound System that featured an integrated powerful audio system that could hook-up to your choice of audio source be it a reader MP3 or CD, or even the sound of a television set, besides an iPod connection.

• iBose Egg chair

ibose egg chair DF3yC 48

The iBose Egg chair is from the 1960s era and has been reapholstered with black velveteen cloth. The custom make features a Bose Companion 3 subwoofer and satellite speaker system which reproduces the mids and highs in the chair. A JBL OnTour portable speaker system sporting 1.5″ stereo speakers and an integrated amplifier is positioned few inches above the user’s head. Four Fusion 6.5″ midwoofers, powered by an Onkyo home theater receiver, with crossovers vibrate the bottom of the seat, so that the listener is able to feel the vibration of the bass frequencies. Three amplifiers from Airport Express lets the music streamed to the chair over Ethernet or Wireless-G from any computer or laptop running iTunes. The iBose Egg chair turns into an ultimate sound chamber when coupled with an Apple Powerbook and iTunes.

• D+S Surround Sound Chair

ds sound chair iSgR6 48

The D+S Surround Sound Chair aims to put music where it really belongs, right into your ears. Yes, this chair has all of five speakers, including a 12″ subwoofer built in to give you the most fruity sounding AV experience ever. This chair prevents sound from reflecting off the walls and the ceiling and thus prevents it losing its vital character. The Chair has two speakers in front of you which is mounted on an adjustable tubing that can be fully adjusted. Two flared sound vents sit just next to your ears and look more like small trumpets. Two more circular speakers above your head complete the speaker quartet. A sub woofer that sits neatly beneath the chair. Yours for $3000.

• Sonic chair

sonic chair YAJl7 48

Aimed at true audiophiles, the new Sonic Chair is a pod-like seat that puts it occupant in a personal sound space and minimizes the unwanted ambient sounds. Audio sources connect with the help of line-level inputs. Anyone who gets inside the Sonic Chair enjoys great bass and focused acoustics, thanks to the chair’s speakers that are crafted and placed in the bowl. Others around you won’t be disturbed at all since the sound is hardly audible to the outside world. Designed by Frank Hussong, Michael Kientzler and Daniela Reuter, the Sonic Chair also offers you a decent comfort level while sitting with its suede microfibers and rugged-mesh backrest. Everything seems to be in the place for the music nerds except the price tag of about eight grand.

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