Best of Richfiles: Top 5 celebrity splurges
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Best of Richfiles: Top 5 celebrity splurges

Best of Richfiles: Top 5 celebrity splurges

Top 5 celebrity splurges

1. Heather Mill buys a new home

Paul McCartney’s ex-wife who got £24 million in her divorce settlement with the Beatles lead singer, back in 2008, has found a wise way of spending those millions. Heather Mill has splurged $1.5 million on a two-bed flat in a converted Austrian castle. Heather already has two other properties in her portfolio, which she bought after the highly publicized split.

2. Pink’s Marilyn Monroe painting

Pink recently splashed $10,000 on a graffiti painting of the ultimate sex symbol of all time, Marilyn Monroe. The special thing about this painting is that it was prepared under just 3 minutes by famed graffiti illustrator Eric Wahl.

3. Tamara gets herself another super-ride

The billionaire heiress Tamara Ecclestone has been spotted riding around in her latest ride, $150,000 Bentley Continental GT. The white Bentley even has personalized registration plates and was a gift to her from her stock broker boyfriend Omar Khyaami. The Billionaire heiress uses the ride to run her usual chores and tops up her fuel at one of the most expensive petrol stations in the UK.

4. Brad-Angelina gets a new pad

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought a $16.8 million luxury mansion, Whornes palace in Richmond, London. The 15th century wooden beams in the interiors, latticed windows and rectangular indoor swimming pool are the major highlights of their newly purchased house.

5. Posh’s Custom made Gold iPhone

Victoria Beckham always stands out from the crowd with her elegant fashion sense and eclectic choice of accessories. Her custom made Gold iPhone 4 has reportedly cost her $33,000.

6. Cowell gets himself an unusual ride

Simon Cowell the owner of the best of luxury cars like Bugatti, Rolls Royces, Lamborghini and Ferrari, has purchased a rather bizarre looking car this time. It is silver colored three-wheeled Carver with two back wheels like a car, and the front wheel like a motorbike.

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