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Beyonce and Jay Z splurge $3,500 on a Lucite crib for baby Blue Ivy Carter

Andrea Divirgilio / January 13, 2012

As much as the celebrity parents make the headlines, their off-springs sooner or later follow suit. We have earlier told you about how celebs are raising highly expensive babies, so to say. The latest pair to join the league is Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z who have splurged $3,500 for their newly born child, Ivy Blue Carter, to ensure she sleeps in peace in the designer crib. Purchased in November last year, this crib is known to have a transparent yet strong body, enabling baby Blue Ivy to be within their celeb parents eyes always.

Lucite crib for Beyonce and Jay Z baby daughter

Just like most things designer, this crib was also bought from Nursery Works VETRO Lucite last year. The new mother, Beyonce was accompanied by her mother Tina and sister Solange who went on the shopping spree with the star for the crib. Accompanied with the baby bed, is a specially created bright pink mattress with unique texture which is known to be soft, yet shaped uniquely for the baby’s comfort and optimum growth. But what also made the headlines with this birth, was the extravaganza associated with the welcoming of the baby. It is said that an entire wing of the maternal ward was blocked out, so that the expectant parents could have complete privacy, especially from the prying paparazzi, and keep the whole matter within close members and associates of the family. This did not do much to please the other expectant mothers in the hospital, but then star power seemed to have ruled supreme.

Word is also around, that apart from the crib, baby Blue Ivy will be spoiled even further. At the star couple’s Tribeca home, there is a 2,200 sqft nursery being made specially for her, and all the toys and accessories she would be playing with, will also be custom made according to specifications, including the much publicized $7,000 Swarovski crystal bathtub. Though we wouldn’t know if this is perfectly alright for everyone, but when you are the highest earning couple in showbiz, nothing seems to be ‘too much’ for the star babies.

Via: US Magazine/ CBS

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