Bianchi teams up with Gucci for high-end urban bicycles
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Bianchi teams up with Gucci for high-end urban bicycles

Bianchi teams up with Gucci for high-end urban bicycles

When style brands who have evolved periods as long as 90 or even 120 years, one can always expect nothing but the perfect combination of aesthetics and perfection of craftsmanship. This is precisely the case with the new city bikes, where Bianchi and Gucci have joined hands, to create something for those who enjoy cycling; the carbon urban cycle. Along with the comfort of riding great bicycles, there is also the set Viagra without prescription of accompanying accessories to match up in style and positive appeal.

Bianchi for Gucci carbon fiber cycle with helmet

The carbon urban bicycle, as the name suggests, comes wrapped in a carbon fiber frame with red & green webbing in several parts, along with unique designing in many parts. The seats and handle bar are black, but have been crafted according to the diamante design, with ‘Bianchi by Gucci’ crafted on the seats and frame. The buy Cialis Soft online gears allow for 11 different speed adjustments, so whether you are gliding through heavy city traffic or simply racing during your early morning journeys, this bike allows for selecting the speed level for travelling. Also the crafted double ended pedals will make it possible to operate smoothly with most varieties of footwear. Since safety would be a point of concern, there are reflective headlights, and special coatings on the pedals. This will make the rider visible to everyone else while riding under dark or overcast conditions.

In terms of accessories, there is color matched sipper, the red-green biker gloves (inset below), and also the similar stripped helmet one can look forward to. However, the helmet (inset above) has to be bought separately for a price of over $800, other than the bike which comes for $14,000 a piece. Those who are looking at options, the white Single speed version (pictured below) are available too. This option has brown Gucci order baclofen online, baclofen online, baclofen cost, baclofen mg, cheap lioresal rather upon changes in the curves of these media, and in the form of the leather seat and handle bar, with red and green webbing on the cycle’s stem. The base color remains white, and is available for a price tag of $6,200 a piece.

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Bianchi for Gucci carbon fiber cycle white option

For those looking at other such hi-tech bicycles, we suggest reading our pieces on Naltrexone no prescription A2Z lightweight cycle and Colnago Ferrari series.

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