Big Green Egg XXL is the only outdoor cooker you will ever need
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Big Green Egg XXL is the only outdoor cooker you will ever need

Big Green Egg XXL is the only outdoor cooker you will ever need

Big Green has literally put outdoor cooking to whole new levels, of gastronomic pleasure. We saw the Big Green Egg multi-purpose cooker a few years ago, and this time they seem to have enhanced their offering to a whole new level. The new cooking egg set to be unveiled at the 2013 HPB Expo in Orlando, The Big Green Egg will sport special tables and cooking islands, which might just be what you could be missing at the outdoor cooking sessions. Even though the design has been kept eco-friendly in essence, the construction and designing leaves no stone unturned in terms of high grade material and craftsmanship.

Big Green Egg XXL for HPBA in Orlando

The Eco-Wood craftsman tables as told to the media have been hand crafted by skilled artisans who have materials from sustainable forests, keeping in mind the environment concerned authorities. The users thus get the options of Nicaraguan teak or Royal Mahogany tables to choose from. This will hopefully hold the large vessel in place, whereas offering some stability and utility of space to keep the utensils near by.

Big Green Egg XXL wooden stand

For those looking for grilling, be at peace as the Big Green Egg offers temperatures about 400-degrees centigrade. There are 2 damperners for accurate control, which mean that the meat slices emerge tender and moist as intended, along with the flavor they were meant to retain. For baking purposes, one can easily create some bread, pizza, casseroles, cobblers, and pies without hassles, and perhaps of a better quality and those made in kitchens. For those looking at ‘smoking’ their dishes, the temperature controllable smoking adjuster gives a woody flavor to the turkey, ham, lamb, or chicken dishes.

Big Green Egg XXL cooker with some dishes

The Big Green Egg custom cooking island, is something of a whole lot more utility. At 1.93 metres wide, there is plenty to store kitchen stuff. There are big roller drawers, storage cabinets for wood and other essentials. The finishing is hopefully weather resistant, hence wouldn’t need much to maintain in the years to come. Also, depending upon the need to cook, there are 5 different sizes of cookers in which to prepare dishes other than the accessories which come with the setup. So for all you know, you are set to cooking yourself some decent amount of delicacies.

Via: Big Green Egg

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