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United States
Net Worth $ 350 Million
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Born on: 12th Jul 37 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: comedian, actor, author, television producer, educator, musician and activist
Bill Cosby net worth is estimated at $350 million. Imagine if the world did not have great artists like Michael Jackson or Bill Cosby, everything would be much duller. Laughter has always played a huge part in any person’s life. William Henry Cosby Jr. or Bill Cosby as he is known in the entertainment business is known to be one of the best stand-up performers there is and is known for his $350 million net worth. While Cosby was studying, he discovered that he can make people laugh thus describing himself being the class clown. He too became an athlete being the captain of the baseball as well as track and field teams while at the Mary Channing Wister Public School. When he transferred to Fitz Simmons Junior High, Cosby tried out acting in plays but still keeping up with his favoured sports. He then went to Central High School but had to transfer because he can’t keep up with his schedule: studying his lessons, playing various sports as well as working before and after school. At Germantown High School, he failed at tenth grade and then decided to get a job at a shoe repair shop. Because Cosby wanted more in his life, he decided to join the Navy and there worked in physical therapy. He knew that education is something that he needed and eventually got a track and field scholarship at Philadelphia’s Temple University. There he honed his talent in making people laugh and everything started to fall into place, a step which unknowingly became crucial to Bill Cosby net worth. Before he knew it, he was doing some stand-up acts in bars and then eventually made his way to the stage and television. Cosby even starred his own sitcom, named The Bill Cosby Show, and was also able to create an education cartoon comedy series, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids which became one sources to Bill Cosby net worth. Cosby has made a huge impact in the lives of people especially when it comes to laughter. It will not come as a surprise that Bill Cosby will be known by future generations. Bill Cosby net worth came through numerous endorsements including Jell-O, Coca-Cola and Ford - and dominating TV in the 1980s with The Cosby Show.  
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Bill Cosby Estates and Homes (1)

Pacific Palisades Home

Bill Cosby Hobbies (1)

eating Jello Pudding

Bill Cosby Autos and Cars (1)

AC Shelby Cobra

Bill Cosby Cause (5)

Airlift Research Foundation

The charity was founded on 2008 and it is focused on funding orthopedic research and also increasing the awareness of traumatic extremity injuries of those military and civilian survivors.


The organization aims at saving and also improving the lives of children through raising funds for children's hospitals across North America. Annually, the 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals give the very best medical care, life-saving research and also preventive education in order to help many kids surpass the all kinds of diseases and injuries.

Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation

The group was established by Bill Cosby, and it is focused on being able to fulfill the goals as well as dreams of Cosby's murdered son Ennis. This foundation equips the teachers, students, and parents with practical information as well as tools needed in order to understand and address the needs of all the learners before they even experience the effects of frustration and also failure.

Keep A Child Alive

The charity provides life-saving anti-retroviral treatment to those families affected with HIV/AIDS in Africa as well as the developing world. They do this by engaging the public to fight this disease.

Jackie Robinson Foundation

In 2008, The New York Times said that this charity “might be the best educational effort in the country.” The organization was founded in 1973 and became a vehicle to remember Jackie Robinson by means of the advancement of higher education among the underserved population. This charity gives four-year college scholarships together with comprehensive set of skills and opportunities to those disadvantaged students. They do this because they want these children to have a better future and they can achieve this by having the best education there is.

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PHS gear

Quinnipiac Sweatshirt

Quinnipiac Sweatshirt

Rolex GMT Master

Rolex GMT Master
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