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Billie Archilleos creates the world’s most luxurious beasts for Louis Vuitton

Andrea Divirgilio / June 10, 2011

Louis Vuitton Animals

Imagine a private zoo for yourself where there are all varieties of animals, and each of them flaunts the Louis Vuitton brand! Well, from what designer Billie Archelleos has created for the new promotional campaign for Louis Vuitton that showcases his latest creations, this idea is turned into reality for sure.

For the uber-rich kids and fashion-geeks, British designer Billie Archelleos has designed a series of animals, made up from different bags and accessories of Louis Vuitton. The collection seeks to instill a new life into these creations while adorning them with a very distinctive appeal. The animal figures – made for the special promotional campaign for the launch of the new MON Monogram – highlight generous use of the very best products from Louis Vuitton collection. Depending on the conception, different leather varieties with multiple shades and other accessories have been used to give them a ‘lively’ appearance and distinct identity – something that the fashion brand stands for.

The highlight of the collection was the Beaver, which was created by stitching together the most fine quality leather available. The creation bears a strong resemblance to the actual animal, which is known to be an agile mammal. Other products featured were the Armadillo that used a variety of leather for its multi-layered exterior, and the grasshoppers made from chains and poppers to make them sound like the real insect.

In Billie’s own words,

Each animal highlights an element in the design of the products. The Armadillo was to highlight the soft yet durable quality of the leather. The Chameleon displays the variety of colour. The Grasshopper is constructed from products with zips and poppers that make satisfying noises like that of the musically gifted insect.

Definitely different, distinct and whacky in a number of ways, these ‘leather mammals’ are meant for the moneyed and those who have an eye for innovation. So, are the moneyed children (read Cruise, Beckhams & Jolies) reading this?

Via: Gizmodo/Billie Archelleos/Anothermag

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